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West Penn Trail Heritage Tour

Choose from five continuous sections of trail (below) from the Westinghouse Plant (just west of Blairsville) to Saltsburg.

Section 1    Section 2    Section 3    Section 4    Section 5

West Penn Trail Overview Map

Read over 50 historic sign markers and view several pictures along the way.  Seeing pictures from the internet is nice, but does not compare to actually being there.  Come on out and take a ride or walk. 

For best results printing the aerial photograph sectional maps, select the “File” drop down menu in your internet browser then select “Page Setup.”  Set the page orientation to “Landscape” and set each margin to 0.2.  Then print the map.

You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the historic sign markers. Maps will load best with a high-speed internet connection, but will work with any connection.



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